King’s Comfort’s guide to bed specials.




Are you looking for an understandable guide to bed specials? Well, you are in luck, because King’s Comfort is here to assist you by offering you a straightforward guide on how to shop for bed specials. We also want to offer you a versatile guide that will be useful for any sort of product. The following points are King’s Comfort’s tips on how to shop for bed specials.

• Firstly, you want to make sure that you will indeed need the product. To know if it is time for a new bed or a new mattress, we advise you to read King’s Comfort’s blog on The Buy Mattress Guide.

• The best thing to do is to know when stores have specials. You can do this by contacting the store or by checking their websites. This way you will be prepared in every aspect. You can also assume that most stores, like King’s Comfort, will have specials during certain celebrations. For e.g. Black Friday, the festive period.

• If the specials are being held during massive celebrations, like Black Friday or the Festive Season, then it’s best to be at the store as early as possible to secure your purchase before stock runs out.

• Due to the modern age, we live in, shopping has been made so much easier with technology. Online shopping is the most effortless way to shop. With King’s Comfort’s website, you can now shop straight from the comfort of your home. You can secure a bed without even having to stand in long queues.

• You want to make sure that the company you are shopping at is reliable. Make sure that they have a valid telephone number and email address. If they have reviews, read them so that you can get an accurate description of the company’s products and reliability. After you receive a service from the company, feel free to write a review about the company to help others when they are shopping for a bed.

• Start off by buying the things you need. You can buy the things you want afterwards.

• Do not make a hasty decision just because something is on special. Make sure that you will truly have use for it. Start by buying the things you would need immediately and the things you would need soon.

• King’s Comfort advises you to know how much you’re willing to spend on a bed. This way you will be able to make an effective decision. It will prevent you from overspending and you might even decide to buy something extra, like pillows or a headboard, while still staying in your original price range.

• Do not get caught up in the frenzy of bed specials. Remember to follow the usual procedure you would use on a normal day.

• Compare the bed specials’ prices and quality of the beds of different stores. This might consume energy and time, but you will be guaranteed to find the best option for you.

• Mental preparation is vital while shopping for a bed. If you are unfortunately caught up in a long queue you need to have the patience to wait. If you do not and you decide to leave, you will miss the opportunity to get a bed at a special price.

• If you are not sure of how the company’s bed specials work, feel free to ask a staff member about it. After all, it is their job to assist you as best as they can.

• Always ask about the company’s payment plans, like lay-buys, and if their payment plans are linked to the special’s price.


Why should you want to shop at King’s Comfort for bed specials?


Our staff members are versed well in how the specials work. You will, without a doubt, receive accurate and helpful information. Our discounts range up to 25% off the usual pricing and 10% off display items. We also offer beds that are perfect for student accommodation; therefore, if you want to buy in bulk, the specials period will be perfect. Our stores are located in Bloemfontein, Welkom, Klerksdorp and George. You can shop for our beds during bed specials on our online website or via Facebook and you will receive free pillows. If you cannot transport the beds yourself, we will do the transportation of the beds at a special transportation fee.


What payment plans does King’s Comfort offer?


You do not need to compromise on the bed you want just because you are not able to afford the bed immediately. King’s Comfort offers lay-buy options for 3, 6 and 12 months and the price will be linked to the bed specials’ price. We also offer special prices for all the SASSA grant users.





King’s Comfort offers you a straightforward and versatile guide to suit the buying of any products during specials seasons, like Black Friday and the Festive Season. You want to mentally and physically prepare yourself by being patient and doing research about the company’s specials before the time. Use technology to your advantage by shopping online to avoid the overwhelming frustration of long queues and large masses of people. Have a price range in mind to avoid overspending. Stay calm and compare the bed specials of different companies to get a better overview of which bed to buy. Find out why you should shop at for King’s Comfort’s bed specials and find out what payment plans King’s Comfort offers if you cannot afford the immediate payment.

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