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What to look for when you want to buy a bed



When you want to buy a bed there are various factors to consider.


These factors include:

1. Comfort

2. Bases

3. Pricing

4. Sizes

5. Purpose of the bed

6. Weight

7. Warranty

8. Headboards


1) Comfort


Comfort is a key factor when making the choice to buy a bed and is often taken for granted due to the customer’s price range and their lack of knowledge when it comes to the contents of the bed. Knowing what the bed consists of is of extreme importance, because uncomfortable beds can contribute to health issues, muscle tension and mood swings.


When you want to buy a bed which suits your comfort needs, look out for beds with:


• Pocket springs – if you buy a bed with springs, we suggest a bed with pocket springs. Pocket springs are springs that have individual pocket coverings. These are perfect for comfort, because they ensure that any other movement on the bed is not felt. Therefore, your partner’s movement will not interrupt your sleep, and vice versa. If you want a bed with pocket springs at King’s Comfort, consider The Chatau or The Belaggio .


• Pillow tops – A pillow top is an extra padding added to the top of the bed to allow for extra comfort. These pillow tops are great when one buys a bed with springs, because they cancel out the uncomfortable feeling of the springs digging into your skin. The Grand Euro Pillow Top offers this comfort by adding a pillow top to ensure the comfort.


• Foam – If you want a bed with absolute luxurious comfort, the best option will be a memory foam bed. Memory foam morphs according to the curves and lines of your body and minimises the movement you feel, by adding the same effect as the pocket springs.



2) Bases


The content of the mattress is not the only factor to consider. The base of the bed plays a major role.


The advantages of a base:


• It adds extra height

• Quality bases are easy to clean

• They can be aesthetic

• It adds stability

• You do not feel the effect of a sagging mattress

The base is essential for a stable bed. An unsteady base can cause muscle pain, aches and disturbed rest.


To prevent these causes, you need to make sure you buy a base with:


• Air circulation

• A firm built

• Very few metallic materials


3) Pricing


The prices of beds are often the main deciding factor and one is usually willing to compromise on other important factors such as comfort and the purpose of the bed. The important thing to realise, is that prices are linked with comfort and therefore more comfortable beds like foam beds, cost more than that only have Bonnell springs, but it is absolutely worth it. It’s not always easy to pay the full amount, therefore financial plans like lay buys should be considered. At King’s Comfort we allow lay buys for 3, 6 or 12 months, and in this way you can get luxurious comfort in an affordable way.


4) Sizes


Sizes are important when deciding to buy a bed. Careful observation of the bed size you need can save you money, for e.g. if only one person will be using the bed, you might consider taking a single bed. Buying a bed for children you might only need to buy a bed that is Double. For two adults, you might buy a bed that is a Queen size. You also want to make sure you have the appropriate space in the room for the bed.


Luckily, here at Kings comfort, most of our beds come in these sizes:


• Single (91×188)

• Three Quarter (107×188)

• Double (137×188)

• Queen (152×188)

• King (183×188)


5) Purpose of the bed


Knowing what consumer needs are for when you buy a bed can contribute to knowing what size to buy and can also help with saving money.





If the bed is for:


• Everyday use of adults with no physical health issues, we advise you to buy a bed with a pillow top or pocket springs like The Grand Euro Top, The Grand Pillow Top, The Chatau or The Belaggio.



• Everyday use of adults with physical health issues (like back problems), we advise a bed with orthopedic purposes, therefore it’s best to buy a bed with memory foam. Our Cliffton, Constantia and Bishop are the best options for your orthopedic needs.


• Children, students or a hostel environment, we advise you to buy The Walter.


• Guest houses, hotels and student accommodation, we suggest The Cliffton.


• Spare rooms, we advise you to buy a bed like The Oliver.


6) Weight


You need to check the weight the bed can carry. Foam mattresses have no weight limit, while beds with springs do.


Here at King’s Comfort our weighting stretches from 80 kg up until 150 kg.


7) Warranty


Make sure that you check the warranty. The warranty can give insight into the quality of the bed and can tell you whether the bed is worth the price. Here at King’s Comfort, our warranty stretches from 7 years up until 20 years.


8) Headboards


One of the best accessories to buy is a headboard. You might think that headboards are only for decoration purposes, but there are in fact many advantages to having a headboard.


These advantages include:


• Support for your bed

• Back support, while sitting up

• Preserving warmth (this is especially helpful in the cold season)

• Having a better sense of comfort

• Protection of the wall

• Preventing marks on the wall

• It is aesthetic

All these benefits come with headboards and yet they are still easy to uphold, while suiting your taste.

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