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King’s Comfort’s George branch:


If you live in George, Western Cape, you are lucky, because King’s Comfort has its very own branch there. To all our customers in George: buy a bed or buy a mattress and make sure to look out for times when you can buy bed specials. Customers in George will not regret it. You will make your life easier if you buy bed specials from King’s Comfort’s George branch. Not only will you buy a mattress or bed of impeccable quality, you will also be paying a really good price for it if you buy bed specials at our store in George. Thank you to all our customers in George.


Having trouble sleeping?


Use soothing sounds to help you sleep by listening to:


• The sounds made by nature, like birds chirping, raindrops or waterfalls.
• Meditation instruction videos. The calming sound of a person’s voice will help you fall asleep.
• White noise. The frequencies with act as a noise-cancelling device to give you a quiet space.
• Soothing music, specifically music with no lyrics will help to switch your mind off.


Buy a mattress or a bed at King’s Comfort’s George branch to help you sleep and buy bed specials.


This might be surprising, but your sleeping position and regular body temperature play a massive role when you buy a mattress. When you buy a mattress, pick the right content. You do not want to buy a mattress which does not suit your sleeping habits. Make sure to buy a mattress which is temperature appropriate. Buy the right mattress for you for a good night’s rest. If you cannot afford to buy a mattress you need, ask about payment plans or you can wait for special celebrations in order to buy bed specials. If you buy bed specials, you will be able to buy a bed or buy a mattress that you need.


Avoid taking too many naps


We know that when you buy a mattress from King’s Comfort, that it is incredibly difficult to resist the comfort and warmth our mattresses offer, but we advise you to refrain from taking too many naps. Taking too many naps during the day will disrupt your sleep schedule.


Sleep well by knowing you paid less when you buy a mattress: buy bed specials at our George branch.
You can save money if you buy bed specials at our George branch. A little less expenses is always something that will soothe your mind, so buy bed specials for a good night’s rest.




King’s Comfort has a branch in George in the Western Cape. Find out what sounds to listen to in order to fall asleep easier. Receive tips on how to buy or buy a mattress that helps you sleep better. Save if you buy bed specials in George. Create a sleeping a schedule and avoid taking too many naps in order to receive a healthy amount of sleep.

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