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We have stores scattered in many towns/cities in South Africa, and Klerksdorp in the North West province is one of these cities. You are probably wondering why you should buy a mattress, bed or buy bed specials at King’s Comfort. We are proud to educate you if you want to buy a mattress, bed or buy bed specials. If you shop for a bed from us, you are sure to receive a bed of magnificent quality.


The Klerksdorp branch’s bases are strong and firm in order to hold our firm mattresses and the weight exerted on them. You are guaranteed to get value for your money. You are making a smart choice if you want to buy a mattress from King’s Comfort. You would want to buy a mattress, because they are soft and firm to allow you all the comfort you need. Buy a mattress containing Bonnell springs, pocket springs or high-density foam. If you buy a bed or buy a mattress from King’s Comfort, you are for sure buying from the best. King’s Comfort encourages you to buy bed specials at our King’s Comfort Klerksdorp branch. Buy bed specials, because you will receive unbelievable deals.


Why does the formal sector of Klerksdorp need you?


It is important to remember supply chains. This might be surprising, but all towns’/cities’, including Klerksdorp’s, public companies are usually overpriced and there are any people involved in the supply chain who need to make a profit; therefore, companies in Klerksdorp rely on their customers to make a profit in order to pay everyone who helps in the production of the company’s goods. The lack of this profit can result in mass unemployment, devastating the economy. When you buy a mattress, bed or buy bed specials from the formal sector of Klerksdorp, you help to pay everyone in the supply chain.


An interesting discovery made in Klerksdorp


King’s Comfort recently made an interesting discovery. Millennials are the new target to buy bed specials. We did a survey in Klerksdorp to find out what mattress specials they were looking for if they were to buy a mattress and buy bed specials and found that the millennials in are most likely to buy a mattress, bed or buy bed specials in 6 months’ time after the chaos of the COVID-19 has blown over.




King’s Comfort has a branch in Klerksdorp. King’s Comfort’s Klerksdorp branch is a perfect choice if you want to buy a mattress or buy a bed. Get an unbelievable discount at King’s Comfort’s Klerksdorp branch if you buy bed specials. Gain a bit of knowledge on why Klerksdorp’s formal sector needs you. Find out about an interesting discovery in Klerksdorp. Feel free to visit our The Buy Mattress Guide blog in order to know more if you want to buy a mattress. Check out our blog on how to buy bed specials for extra information.


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N12, Matlosana Mall Matlosana Mall, Klerksdorp, 2571

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